Internet Society 25th Anniversary

Internet Society 25th Anniversary

ISOC chose Catania as the only stage in the world event promoted by the global community to celebrate a special edition of #InterCommunity2017, which has involved more than 50 Internet Society sites worldwide, simultaneously connected to the central event that is held in Los Angeles, California and broadcast live streaming from our WebTV (September 19, 2017)

The choice of the sicilian place was motivated by the organizers: in Italy we chose Sicily for its “hub” conditions because of its strategic position in the center of the Mediterranean, which made it a crossroad where cultures and ideas have met over the centuries in a mix of traditions and beliefs capable of building cooperation, growth and innovation.


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Prod. Antonio Insolia – Direttore Sez. InFN di Catania

Dott. Federico Ruggieri – Direttore GARR


” Managing Emergency of the Migrants”

“Managing the Infectious disease Emergency of the Migrants”. This is the main topic of the workshop held at the Arnas “Garibaldi” in Catania. There were 70 delegates participating at the workshop from the nations competing in the World Health Organization. . The group initially attended the recovery and safety operations of the migrant through simulations that took place at the Harbour of Catania directly on the ship and then, in the afternoon, deepened the themes of the “Diagnosis on the quay” Project within the hall ” Dusmet ”of the Catania’s hospital.

The growing phenomenon of incoming migration events – states Giorgio Santonocito, while he was opening the meeting – led to health consequences, of course. Consequently, the timing of the diagnosis of infectious diseases is of fundamental importance. It’s so necessary to move from the moment of disembarkation, through the immediate intervention of medical and nursing staff on the quay of the harbour “.

On the same position there is also the statement of Dr. Sergio Pintaudi, who underlines the importance of teamwork.

This whole day – stated Sergio Pintaudi, the director of the emergency department of the Arnas Garibaldi and Contact for Biocontentation and Regional Health Security – was the testimony of a great teamwork, of all those forces that make up the ” System Country’. A proper approval and thanks to all the operators of the Garibaldi Hospital, to the volunteers of the CRI, to the doctors of the USMAF-SASN, to the forces of the Order, to the Navy, to the Coast Guard, to the Air Force, to the officials of the Prevention of the Ministry of Health and of the Regional Health Department and to all those who in various capacities have believed and now believe in this project “.

Claudio Pulvirenti, the USMAF-SASN Sicily Director of the Ministry of Health, Francesco Bongiorno, the Cabinet Office of the Sicilian Region Health Department, Nunzio Martello, the Admiral of the Italian Navy, Natale Ceccarelli, the Director of the Main Infra sea practise of the Italian Air Force, Bruno Cacopardo, the Director of the OU Infectious Diseases of the P.O. Garibaldi-Nesima and Diana Cinà, the Director of the U.O. P.O.Garibaldi-Centro Clinical Pathology.


PI4 is honored and satisfied to have taken care of the event in all its organizational and dissemination aspects.

Press Office, press releases, interpreting, audio video recordings.

Journalistic articles in the newspapers Repubblica and La Sicilia.


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2°Convegno Euromediterraneo su Biocontenimento

Catania, excellence in the management of infectious diseases”

The event brought, in Catania at the Garibaldi Centro Hospital, from 20 to 22 April, together all the Italian excellences present in this field, not only in the health one but also in the sector of transport: the Aeronautics Military who is a leader in high-biocontention transportation, the Italian Red Cross and the Navy. All those stakeholders are involved in various capacities and in different fields, not least that of migrants who see the city of Catania today as the main landing place. Promoter and coordinator of the Conference is Sergio Pintaudi, the Director of the Emergency Department at the Garibaldi Catania Hospital.

 Among those participants there was MEP Michela Giuffrida. In addiction the guests of the round table were U. Angeloni, F. Arganese, E. Bianco, F. Franzetti, B. Gucciardi, R. Guerra, G. Ippolito, E. Mascia, C. Pulvirenti, G.G. Santonocito.

During the same days a course was held on: Infectious Disease Management. The presidents are Dr. Giorgio Giulio Santonocito and Dr. Sergio Pintaudi. The responsible for U.O. Training Dr. Giusy Russo and for the ECM Secretariat Dr. Mariella Bonaccorsi.

PI4 oversaw the entire information campaign, pre, during and post-event. He made an institutional video and several video interviews. He managed with his press office the preparation and publication of press releases and articles on regional newspapers and local TV. Post-event press review.




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