"PROJECT" is a transversal concept shared by all sectors and all markets “business oriented".

The Business Project aims to provide innovative ideas and managerial solutions, required for a winning placement on the market. Projects are our passion:

from consultation to support, from initiatives to proposals.

We offer consultation and technical support reading the competition announcements and the paperworks, we organize strategic business plans to reintroduce and increase the services provided; feasibility study and draft of social projects. We assist with technical support from the start up to the final report.

One of our purposes is to realise partnership projects with public bodies, research centres and private companies, to promote and develop the territory’s potential in terms of environment, culture, tourism, urban development and equal opportunities.

We are a team of experts which share the passion for Fundraising, international Networking and planning.

We deal with management and communication of projects supported by Regional, National and community Funds.


Economy, internet, mobile, social network

The computer science requires qualified professionals in new programming languages, which have systems analyst and software developer skills.

The purpose is to transmit and indicate to our clients how to use Internet and online technologies, in order to define their business strategy, with personalized solutions combined to business processes, congruent and achievable.


Web Development

The web sites, scientific portal, app mobile must be attractive, intuitive, and conversion focused— and extremely well engineered.
We meticulously develop adaptable, responsive websites that are simple to update and customized for each client’s specific needs.
Our developers work alongside the project’s lead designer and content strategist to strike the perfect balance between presentation and performance—ensuring the highest level of design accuracy and user experience. Often, this process is time-consuming and requires all disciplines working together to not only deliver the most elegant and smooth experience possible but also to potentially unveil opportunities to boost the production’s performance.

PI4 team has wide technical background and expertise in the areas of portal development, application security, ontology management, database management, web-oriented and object-oriented programming (C++, Java, PHP among others), Web Services development, digital preservation, Digital Rights Management and IPR Protection.

From complex e-commerce solutions to utilizing third-party tools and APIs, we work to develop a “digital product”, that flawlessly operates, reinforces your brand, and meets customer expectations

How We Promote the Content?
Creating multi-channel marketing strategies to increase traffic and conversions.

Market research online: with “survey online”. Market research surveys are an affordable and reliable way to gather information on your target market.

SEO Oriented website: Writing for People and Robots
Our SEO copywriting services have evolved to keep pace with the rapid changes to search engines.
Our targeted, SEO-friendly web copy and ongoing digital marketing efforts surrounding content creation accomplishes resonates with both your audience and search engines.

Social digital and Media Marketing: We analize your market to identify the best platforms to meet your goals. Our digital marketing campaigns are created to target your audience and solve business problems. We use channel specific data to analyze KPIs performance, then integrate this data with third-party reporting tools to measure separate channel performance together. Our team transforms this data into two things; insights to increase performance and comprehensive analytics reports that tie the investment your business made with the results.



The purpose of our courses is the training for a high qualification compatible with a current professional career.

We offer career guidance for students and young professional who are willing to take up training opportunities in different areas: design, visual art, comunication, restoration and generic arts.

We arrange meetings with teachers and other educational personnel to talk about new creative professions and job opportunities, to receive informations about educational paths, about teaching and research plans and about job placement .

We supply teachers for safety training (first aid, firefighting, RSPP, etc.), and organize training with course credits and ethics credits, plus ECM credits.


Our Slogan is: elegance, style and trend

Every event has its own promotion and disclosure, as planning, processing, promotion through the press and through promotional material, and

above all the realization of it.

We deal with press office and public relations.

The press office handles the messages that the company directs to the media, to the opinion leaders and to the public.

We also manage press conference, press release, media relations. Digital PR, monitoring, press review


We supervise

  • Creativity development
  • Productions (settings-audio- video-lights)
  • Location selection and management
  • Personnel selection and management

We provide

  • Promoter – Hostess and Steward
  • Audio/videos and streaming service
  • Catering
  • Interpreting services
  • Driver and transportation service

Furthermore we offer scientific secretariat and coordination ( choice of speakers, of topics, objectives development…)

Organization of congresses and corporate events, organizing secretariat of the event.

Market researches