#IonSourceAdventure: the protons source

#IonSourceAdventure: the protons source

The protons source and the ion beam transport line were delivered to Lund in Sweden, Tuesday, December 12, 2017 at 10:04 a.m., after a week-long trip across Europe. They will be the first elements for the construction of ESS European Spallation Source.

The journey started from the National Laboratories of the South (LNS) of the National Institute of Nuclear Physics based in Catania. The 2,800 km trip on board of a dedicated truck has been followed on various social channels as Twitter and Facebook with the #IonSourceAdventure hastag and on the official web site of the National Institute of Nuclear Physics, the European Spallation Source and the National Laboratories of the South, a real social campaign has accompanied ISA, this is the name of the ion source built by the experts of the LNS.

Once it is operational, ESS will be the most powerful neutron source in the world dedicated to multidisciplinary research: from life sciences, to energy, from environmental technologies to cultural heritage.



Un Salus per la Vita

This third edition, entitled “Un Salus per la Vita”, organized in collaboration within the Regional Health Department, the Sicily Training Center (Cefpas) and the Provincial Health Authority of Trapani (ASP), involves our territory again, with a particular focus on health, in its various forms, which represents the value to be spread responsibly at a social and cultural level in the different targets of the population of Trapani.

The goal is to disseminate the value of health prevention with new languages, for example the screening to identify and prevent certain diseases addressed to broad swathes of the population and the vaccination to prevent some contagious diseases. The presence of many actors within the sports, the entertainment and the health involved in the event, has also captured the attention of an increasingly heterogeneous public, demonstrating the effectiveness of the “formula” of the Festival. This confirms the need of a multi-sectoral and a multi-sensorial engagement and the importance of a close cooperation within disclosure, educational purpose and virtuous use of the different expressive languages ​​of values ​​and behaviors.

The goal is to generate knowledge, awareness and self-determination in the prevention and promotion of their own and other people’s health. Many issues have been discussed in the very rich program of seminars, conferences, round tables and workshops of the event: the prevention of drug addiction, safety and environmental protection, prevention of youth mental illness, prevention of domestic accidents, prevention of maltreatment and abuse, reproductive health, prevention of road accidents, non-communicable chronic disease prevention projects or Mcnt (obesity, diabetes, bpco, etc.), sport and health, music and youth problems with participation of the great Mogol, food education and healthy lifestyles with reference to the Fed regional project, vaccination, population screening, prevention of accidents at work, health, economy and legality.

PI4 has received a contract for the planning, coordination, communication of the event and the production of multimedia content.