Training PI4 – Introduction on Media-based Education and Communication


The digital video is an essential reality in all the user-friendly communication processes using the new customary technologies like smartphone and tablet, and the new distribution channels as YouTube (, Vimeo (, dailymotion (, metacafè (, and softwares as Adobe Premiere.
We have make a brief introduction of scientific and technology communication and we have begun with a short discussion about relationship between, teaching, learning and technology by the use of video in education (e-Learning)
a short description of different kind of videos used in higher education.
The increased use of video as a teaching medium is encroaching onto traditional face-to face teaching in higher education.
This affects lecturers, students, universities and colleges and there is a need to bridge the gap in digital competencies the opportunity to disconnect video from a set time and review out of classrooms is an important result of technology and video is wearing a transformation in the educational panorama creating interaction between students and teacher of the world.
The moocs are an example (
During our course we have explained planning and creation techniques of tutorial videos (e-Learning), screencast, streaming videos, shot, editing and post- production, which includes chromatic regulations, texts, transactions. The course has been organized in three main sections. • Creation and use of screencast • Creation and and use of streaming • Creation of tutorial video, editing and post-production The course included both theoretical and practical parts.