I KNOW project cross border Italy- Malta

Launch event of the Italy-Malta I KNOW cooperation project, acronym of Interregional Key Networking for Open innovation empoWerment, financed by the European Regional Development Fund with 1.3 million euros in the field of the “CROSS-BORDER ITALY-MALTA 2014 programme – 2020”. The projects aims to create a permanent service hum to facilitate the origin and strengthening of entrepreneurial realities (micro, small and medium), to reach faster outlet markets and increase competitive performance.

PI4 (mind events) IDEEVENTI Division designed the identification image and created all the graphics for promotional materials. PI4 managed the work of organisational administrative office by activating the tool for the complete management of the event hosted on his servers. It made an institutional video and a journalistic video service for the newscasts of the main regional television stations. And finally it was responsible for sending press releases and newspaper articles. Product report of the event and press review.