e-Research Summer Hackfest

An event eagerly awaited, the e-Research Summer Hackfest, which was held at the Physics and Astronomy Department of the University of Catania from the 4th to the 29th of July 2016.

The event was sponsored by Sci-GaIA, INDIGO-DataCloud and COST ENeL projects.

The main purpose of the event was to integrate the scientific use cases through the transfer of web technlogies and protocols and make them available to the end-users through search engines (connected to distributed computing infrastructures). The strategic goal of the Hackfest was to promote an support the Open Science. These activities contribute to strenghen and support the collaboration between Europe and Sub-Saharan Africa about research and electronic infrastructures with a considerable social impact. A successful commitment which can suggest a useful methodology to reduce the unemployment rates.

To develope and produce knowledge means to create jobs and help Africa to develop , not with a donor mentality, but with a new mentality which encourage awareness and spread expertise, activating a virtuous spiral of progress and wealth among the local communities.

Thanks to the support of PI4 which realised streaming, documentaries, short interviews, is now possible to re-experience the emotions of those 4 weeks.


e-Research Summer Hackfest – “moments”e-Research Summer Hackfest – streamed videose-Research Summer Hackfest – video lectures and tutorials

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